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I finally finished sifting through the 4000 pictures I took over the summer, and these were the gems from my trip to Yellowstone National Park. Ruben, Valentin and I had been planning this road trip for the past few months, so we were excited to finally set foot in Yellowstone. The non-exciting part was waking up at 4 am (yes, that is correct, am) so we could make it to the park’s various sites by dawn. Early morning turned out being the best time to take pictures because there were NO people around (I wonder why?). Sunset was just as beautiful.

The trip was a great success, with one exception–we did not see a bear! We even prepared for our bear encounter by buying a $35 can of bear mace and a machete! Unfortunately, they were never put to any productive use (unless you consider sawing a dead log productive).

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  1. Alex says:

    Can not believe the quality of these pictures! These pictures are speechless…

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