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Outback Bowl

The game started off with a bang. In fact, the whole first half was dominated by Georgia (reminiscent of the LSU game). Brandon Boykin caused a touchback, Murray hit TK for an 80 yard touchdown, and Boykin returned a punt for 92 yards. Georgia was leading 16-0 at the half and poised to take home yet another bowl win.

But the Spartans stormed back to tie the game at 27 and send it to overtime. After Michigan State missed their field goal try, Georgia was set to win, but Blair Wlash was back in form and missed yet another field goal. To make matters worse, he missed another in triple overtime to hand the Spartans the victory.

It was an exciting game, but Georgia’s kicking woes wound up biting them in the behind. Mike Bobo’s calls didn’t help much either.

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